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Winter Fairy Tale

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Contemporary Romance
By: Laura Lamoreaux and T.L. French
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Release Date: February 15, 2017
Keywords: Contemporary, Romance, Sweet, Novella, Wedding, Valentine's Day
Sometimes, to remember all that is best and bright about love, you must go home.

After being dumped by her boyfriend of two years, there is nothing that Sarah Jepsom dreads more than going back home to her marriage-obsessed mother.  To make matters worse, it’s for her little sister’s fairytale wedding on none other than Valentine's Day.  The only positive note is it will also be a chance to see her dear friend Mark for the first time in a year.
Sarah's Bridezilla sister Valerie takes it upon herself to invite Sarah’s old high school boyfriend to be her date for the wedding. Nathan is set on renewing their relationship, but old feelings remind Sarah why it didn't work the first time. When Mark confesses his long-held feelings for her, Sarah is angry and convinced that romance is not for her. Then, her father reminds her of all that is best and bright about love, that can often be found right under our noses.

Expert from Winter Fairy Tale
“You know,” Nathan said, leaning over and dropping the tone of his voice. “You haven’t changed a bit. Still the same, beautiful Sarah.” He pressed his lips to the side of her neck.
Sarah jumped.
There was a crash.
“Oh, shoot. That’s just like me. I just make a mess anywhere I go,” Mark said loudly. He stood up from the table and dropped his linen napkin onto the mess he had just made with his soda. “I’m going to see about getting us some waiters in here. Sarah, do you want to come with me?”
Sarah jumped up from the table, face on fire. She could still feel Nathan’s hand on her leg like a brand. “Yes! I mean, sure. The manager came by a while ago. Maybe he’s still here.”
Nathan grabbed her hand. “You don’t have to do that. Let Mark--”
“No, no. I’m the Maid of Honor. I should go,” she said, pulling it away and giving him her biggest, brightest, smile. It was the one she usually reserved for worried clients. It made her face hurt too much to use in real life.
“Are you going to find out where our food is? This is supposed to be a catered lunch,” Valerie said, seeing Sarah rise from the table.
“Yes, I’m on it. Just hold on everybody.” She hit everyone with the smile again, and stepped away from the table, heading toward the hostess’s station, with Mark beside her.
Mark put his arm across her shoulders and drew her behind a wall, screening her from view of everyone at the table. “Are you okay?” His hazel eyes searched hers, anxiety for her well-being clearly etched in the worry lines around them. “I know what he did to you--”
“That was a long time ago,” Sarah said, shaking her head to cut him off. “I can handle him now.”
“Like you were handling it at the table when you were practically crawling out of your seat to get away?”
Another flush heated Sarah’s cheeks. “What, is it wrong that I didn’t want to cause a scene at my sister’s wedding?”
“No, what’s wrong is that you let him get away with it before, and you’re letting him do it again!”
“It’s not the same. We weren’t even alone together.”
“And how long do you think it’s going to be before he corners you somewhere?” Mark backed a step away from her and pushed his hands into his hair. “I can’t stand listening to him tell you how long it’s been since he got laid. And every time he would give you that look, I--”
Sarah knew just what look he meant. The intensity of his stares had made her feel special when she was in high school. Now, it felt different somehow.
Maybe because she knew what came next.
Mark put his hands on her shoulders. “I don’t want you to get hurt. Not again.”

A Harvest Homecoming

The Lamoreaux & French short story, "A Harvest Homecoming" will be featured in the October 2016 anthology Under A Harvest Moon by Roane Publishing.
When Tanya Sheldon loses her job and her marriage in the same day, she thinks her life is over. Unable to find anything else, she agrees to take a teaching position in her old high school, but moving back to Silver Lake turns out to be harder than she expected when old feelings come to light.

Tanya rejected Jake Green when they were younger, but now he’s all grown up and teaching across the hall. And for a minute, Tanya thought she might have something in her future other than a box of cats. But the moment is gone when Jake’s beautiful girlfriend Ashley returns. After learning the hard way what it’s like to be cheated on, there’s no way Tanya will let herself fall for Jake
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Exerpt from A Harvest Homecoming

                 You know what’s worse than getting fired, getting divorced, and having to move back in with your mom at age twenty-nine? Tanya Sheldon pushed a strand of sweaty blond hair out of her face, and almost dropped the heavy box she was carrying. She readjusted it and pushed her way up the last of the stairs.

     Finding out that your husband has been seeing Lisa-freaking- Bradstreet from accounting, and snaked your dream job out from under you.

     That’s what.

The Faces of the Wind

This short story, written as a solo by Laura Lamoreaux, was published by Local Hero Press in November 2015, in the anthology CAPED
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